Keeping Us On Our Toes: 3 New Changes to Facebook Ads in the last Month

While we’re fortunate to have a close relationship with Facebook and sometimes hear of new changes before it’s widely announced, I think we can all agree that the site keeps us on our toes. Changes to the newsfeed, updates to the ad platform, profile redesigns, algorithm tweaks – it’s a lot to juggle.

In the last month alone, there have been three new announcements regarding Facebook advertising. If you’re not up to speed, we break it down for you:

Larger Ads in the Right Rail

Larger right-rail ads

Image credit: Facebook

Domain ads will be getting a makeover in the coming weeks (for some) and through the rest of the year (for others).

  • Right-hand-side ads will be larger.
  • The proportions of these ads will mimic those in the newsfeed.
  • As a user, you’ll see fewer ads on the right hand side.

Facebook expects this rollout will mean improved performance for advertisers; early tests showed up to 3X more engagement from folks who experienced the new design.

Another benefit for advertisers? You won’t have to select new images specifically for the right hand placement; your images there mirror the shape of those in the newsfeed, so the same creative can be used in both.

Auto-Play Video Ads

Video ads are on their way. For advertisers, this gives you another avenue to execute creativity and even more opportunity to connect directly with users. For users, Facebook is working on executing video ads so that they will not be an annoying disruption to the experience. Let us be clear: auto play does not ≠ auto sound. These ads will be muted until a user clicks on them.

Another level of quality Facebook is adding to the offering:

  • Measurement of ad delivery will be conducted by Nielsen
  • Ace Metrics reviews all video ads for quality and potential engagement level

Video ads won’t be available to just anyone on their self-service platform (or through Nanigans) anytime soon, however. Mashable reports the ad units cost between $1-2.5 million, though other reports report the bargain price of $600,000. As soon as we know more information, we’ll update you.

Expanded Language Preferences for Hispanic Audiences

Hispanic targeting on Facebook

Image credit: MarketingPilgrim

Facebook added three language preferences to its ad targeting for brands marketing to U.S.-based Hispanics: Spanish-dominant, bilingual, and English-dominant. These are an extension of the US Hispanic affinity segment, which gives marketers the ability to reach more than 23 million people in the US interested in Hispanic content. Now your messages can be made even more relevant in the languages hat matter to their audiences.

From Facebook, regarding a test campaign they did with a national CPG brand: “Compared to its general marketing efforts, the Spanish-dominant and bilingual targets helped the company see up to 40% increases in engagement.”

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