Make Your Own Creative Marketing Assets With Canva

Developing eye-catching creative and inspired images for Facebook ads can create a bottleneck if you don’t have a dedicated designer to pump out your needs, particularly if you’re running and testing hundreds or even thousands of Facebook ads at scale.

The majority of our clients have historically created images for their ads internally, and while though we have been working on a new creative services offering to help bring relief to their resources (*official announcement forthcoming), Canva gives anyone on your team – designer or not – the tools necessary to create the images you need to accompany your Facebook ads.

There’s a payoff to running imagery that’s unique to Facebook, and Canva can help you create that with the help of their Facebook ad image templates.

Facebook Ad Images: Tips to Remember

  • To play nicely with Facebook guidelines, your image should have no more than 20% text (interpret that as you will).
  • For apps (especially mobile), software, and other tools, use screen captures to help users visualize what the experience is of using your technology.
  • Use the ad creative to echo the message and sentiment you want people to take away from your ad. What does the copy say? How can that be reinforced with the image?
  • Facebook found that product focused imagery vs. lifestyle images brought a 37%
  • Relate this ad creative to the creative on the landing page. Similar visual aesthetic, maybe even repeat the copy.
  • Notice we recommend landing page above, as opposed to home page. Always create a tailored landing page specific to the audience and offer you’re touting in the ad.

Other things you can do with Canva:

  • Design CTAs
  • Create Pinterest-optimized images
  • Add text overlays to photos (perfect for Facebook, Instagram,
  • Take care of cover images for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+

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