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Zafar Khan, Founding Managing Partner

Zafar Khan is a successful entrepreneur and engineer who has worked on cutting-edge technology throughout his career. He was one of the first employees at Gemstar, where he developed innovative technology for interactive television and earned several patents. He has traveled and lived throughout the United States and Asia.
Before founding ConstellationCK, Zafar built Sofizar into a leading online SEO and ticket sales company. He won one of the first business competitions at OPEN & MIT Sloan School of Management. Zafar also founded Empiric.AI, an Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) company that has sold products to large power plants and factories in three continents. Additionally, he founded and ran Truckistan Technologies, a logistics provider for Less Than Truckload companies.
Zafar holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Caltech and enjoys competitive programming.

Nazar Khan, Business Development Manager,USA

Nazar Khan is an experienced software engineer who has worked at multiple startups, including JiTX, Truckistan, and Empiric.AI. He has a passion for prototyping proof-of-concept solutions quickly for customers or the management team. Nazar has won a Silver medal in the all-Asia software competition APICTA and was on the national team for the International Young Physics Tournament in 2020. At Stanford, he is focused on software engineering and is also involved in business development for ConstellationCK.
Contact Number: +1 (808) 381-3381
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