Constellation Deep Process and Operations Intelligence

Every owner and operator want their business to run at maximum sustainable output. Efficiency reduces costs. Variability, though, adds cost. At any point in time, hundreds of complex variations simultaneously compete to wreck efficiency & productivity. Meanwhile opportunities to make cost-saving decisions, hidden inside data, pass by unnoticed.

Today’s business operations generate a lot of data, but users are able to use very little of it. They primarily use data to monitor operational status, to view key parameters and ratios, to troubleshoot problems after they occur or simulate what-if scenarios, to carry out efficiency and productivity analysis through manual means at relatively large intervals. 

In any one day many factors affect operating performance. Changes in workers schedule, operations and ambient conditions can affect operations. Product quality can suffer due to variations in weather, seasonal changes, quality of raw material and feed stock. More significantly, abrupt changes in process conditions, sudden equipment failure can lead to severe upsets in value chain leaving behind huge financial losses.

But what if you could know which operating conditions would exist and when when? What if supply chain and logistics are could be maintained at all times? What if there were no operating losses due to unknown variations in operating conditions? What if you could achieve maximum performance 365 days a year? What if there you had no unplanned business interruptions ever?

Now it can be, with data.

We transform the way today’s businesses use data. We know what we are doing because we have operated complex operations ourselves, saving the owners millions in the process. Our world class team of industrial and process engineers, data scientists and software architects unlock the potential hidden in your data to solve the toughest problems operations face today.

Our deep data Intelligence is human-driven and machine-enabled. We deliver relevant insights and recommendations for maximum output. We purpose-built Constellation with the skill sets to solve one, very complex, problem – operational efficiency