About Us

Today’s businesses generate lots of data. Teams are able to use just a fraction, monitoring key parameters and ratios, simulating scenarios and troubleshooting existing problems. But it could do much more.

Every minute, cost-saving opportunities, hidden inside data, pass unnoticed. Changing operating scenarios, supply chain and logistical needs, make it difficult to maintain optimum and sustainable business performance all the time. Variations in weather, raw material quality and feed stock mean product quality suffers. Sudden Equipment failure shuts down entire plants.

Constellation transforms how businesses use data. We know because we have operated plants ourselves. Our Industrial Intelligence software, human-driven and machine-taught, was purpose-built to solve just one problem – process efficiency. Today we save businesses millions.

Our world class team of engineers, data scientists and software architects together unlock the potential hidden in your operational data. Constellation solves the toughest problems operations face today. Our insights and recommendations deliver the intelligence needed to maximise output.